Addressing challenges, creating, innovating, solving problems, and improving the quality of lives in society and the Industry. discovering new, innovative methods and research opportunities in solving complex present-day and future automation challenges.

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Welcome to UI Automation Center
University of Ibadan Automation center is committed to helping fresh graduates achieve the skills and expertise required to take their careers to the next level. It offers them comprehensive technical training to acquire, maintain and optimize their automation skills. Our UI Automation center located at faculty of Engineering, ashamu Building University of Ibadan, we offers broad and comprehensive professional training covering areas of the automation field and complete cycle of a project. It is conducted in small groups and comprises classroom sessions as well as on the job training and hands-on experience, so as to ensure maximum learning and enhance expertise in product competency, engineering and project execution.

operation of an apparatus, process, or system by both hardware (mechanical, electrical, and or electronic
devices) and software (computer programmes) that take the place of human organs of observation, effort,
and decision. Automation dexterity is an international passport to success, and it is a multi-disciplinary
subject with applications across a wide range of industrial sector. Our automation training, strikes sensible balances between breadth and depth, has a syllabus that considers all major areas of engineering, technique and technology, conventional and advanced, theory and practice, information and good understanding of all aspects of instrumentation and control. The detailed training content is stated below. At UI-AEA Automation Center, we have a proven, comprehensive approach to designing results-driven workforce development solutions. The content is aligned to business needs and built to achieve desired outcomes. The delivery method? Our portfolio of products lets you choose the options that fit your needs. Already have on-the-job training in place? Our products make it easy to enhance it. Add the support of world class training software.. Augment curriculum with videos, white papers, real practical hand on practice with our customized training equipment